• Our Facilities

    Boulevarde has invested in some of the most sophisticated facilities in the industry

  • Plant Production

    Our plants are produced using robust systems to ensure the highest standards

  • Quality Assurance

    Our products are accredited by the Australian Vine Improvement Association

  • Resources Library

    Visit our Resources Library for useful documentation and links

Boulevarde Commercial propagates plants for commercial fruit and nut growers. Boulevarde’s commercial clientele are large commercial growers for local and export markets.  Our clients typically require between 5,000 and 50,000 trees at a time, although larger and small quantities can be catered for.

Boulevarde Wholesale propagates plants for wholesale nurseries. Our competitive advantage is our fully equipped tissue culture laboratory, one of the few commercial grade labs working in Australia. Our clientele are wholesale nurseries who will grow-on the product for supply to retailers or commercial clients.

Boulevarde Retail supplies packaged plant products for national retailers. Our product lines follow seasonal demand and include chrysanthemums and  flowering lines, kiwi fruit, figs, grapevines, olives, and other specialty products. What sets us apart is the creativity and elegance of our products.

Research & Development
Boulevarde has invested significant resources in cross breeding and development of propagation techniques. Boulevarde is proud of its association with Sheehan Genetics LLC and is delighted to be the sole licensed propagator of the Sheehan table grape varities in Australia.