Our Business

Boulevarde Nurseries is a Wholesale Production Plant Nursery located in Irymple just south of Mildura in North-West Victoria in the Sunraysia Region.

The nursery specialises in grapevines, along with citrus, avocado and olive trees. Small quantities of pistachio, kiwi fruit and passion fruit are also produced. The majority of commercial crops are budded or grafted but most of the olives are grown from cuttings.

Grapevines are the major line with production presently about 500,000 per year. The majority of grapevines are still propagated by the traditional method of bench grafting hardwood cuttings of root-stocks and scion varieties. However Boulevarde have pioneered in Australia the new and innovative method of green micro-grafting that was originally developed in France.

Management Team

The two Managing Directors, Alan Saunders (left) and Paul Croxton (right), started the nursery in 1983 as a working partnership. The business has now become a major recognised supplier of quality horticultural plant product to the Australian marketplace.

Both Alan and Paul are fully qualified nursery men, each with over 30 years experience in the industry.