Aurora Glasshouse

The Aurora glasshouse is Italian-designed and Italian-constructed at the small village of Albenga, 70 kilometres north of Genoa. The whole village is devoted to the manufacture of glasshouse and associated equipment such as computers, irrigation and fertigation systems, heating equipment etc.

The Aurora glasshouse has number of features that help to provide an ideal environment for rapid growth of grapevines. Ventilation is provided through vertically opening side panels and roof sections, which open completely to provide 70% venting. In conjunction with a very high structure – five metres to the gutters and another 1.5 metres to the ridge – convection air movement enable hot air to expel efficiently through the roof vents.

Pictured here is the interior of the Aurora glasshouse.

Tissue Culture Laboratory

The plant tissue laboratory at Boulevarde Nurseries was established in 1997 as a means of rapidly multiplying plants, especially grapevines and ornamentals.

While rapid multiplication remains a major part of the laboratory’s work, it also forms an integral part of the Boulevarde system by providing support with genetic engineering, virus elimination processes, plant breeding and maintenance of germplasm banks.

With 10 laminar flow cabinets and three autoclaves Boulevarde has one of the largest commercial tissue culture laboratories in Australia. Our experienced team of operators are able to deliver virtually any quantity of tissue cultured plantlets at highly competitive prices.

Our current focus is tissue cultured plants and rootstocks for fruit and nut growers. In the past 12 months we have grown and supplied well over 1 million GF677 peach-almond hybrid rootstock, along with other lines including apples, blueberries and kiwifruit.