Quality Assurance

The Australian Vine Improvement Association (AVIA) has developed a quality system for planting material in order that grape growers can be assured of purity, authenticity and reliability.

The AVIA quality assurance scheme is applicable to state vine improvement groups in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales and also to nurseries wishing to propagate and sell accredited wine-planting material.

The AVIA accreditation scheme, which enables the production of certified planting material, allows customers to buy with confidence in the knowledge of receiving premium quality vines.

Class A AVIA certification material from Boulevarde Nurseries carries a blue label indicating the varietal name and clone of the scion variety and the rootstock, the National Accreditation Source (NAS) number of each and the batch number that was attributed to the plant in the nursery.

The users of horticultural products throughout the world are increasingly demanding assurances about the condition and performance of their purchase plant materials and supplies.

Consumers of fresh produce require retailers and their suppliers to provide assurances that the fruit and vegetables are clean, safe and grown with acceptable practices.

Vegetable processors often require their contract growers to use only high health-status planting material (as with potatoes) or to grow varieties, which the company has bred specifically for its processing purposes.

As customers become more discerning and demanding, the wineries will demand that vineyards grow and deliver grapes of known, certified provenance. Nurseries that can produce quality assured planting material, as with the AVIA scheme will only meet these vineyard requirements.